Vicki Doeringer


Please know that your monetary contributions are used to feed and care for the horses, and to help children, individuals or families in need. Our family and our Board of Director's volunteer our time and we do not receive a salary through the corporation.

Did you know .......... your monetary gift of $18.00 will provide hay for our horses for one day?

Our average farrier expense for one month equals $80.00.

Our average routine veterinary expenses for one year equals $ 800.00.

Our average routine dental expenses for one year equals $600.00.

Our average cost for liability coverage for one year equals $1,600.00.

Our average cost for hay for one year equals $6,570.00

As you can see, your monetary gift of any amount is vital and greatly appreciated!!

You may mail a check payable to : New Life Christian Stables, 14134 Downing Rd. Croton, Ohio 43013. We are a non profit 501(C)3 Corporation. Annual letters are mailed for monetary contributions that may be used for tax purposes. You may also make a monetary contribution on PayPal! Just click "Donate" located on the left sidebar. Please save your PayPal receipts for confirmation of your monetary contributions. Thank-you for your support!

In His Image New Life Christian Stables
Address: 14134 Downing Road
Croton, Ohio 43013
Phone: 7408932606