Meet our Equine Team. Past and Present.


Hi there! My name is Blessing. I can’t tell you very much about myself, but my paperwork from Sugar Creek says I’m a thoroughbred. My DNA results reported that I was an undetermined breed, but I was told my DNA is very unique!  I became the first ministry horse and helped model the equine program. I’m playful, love the children, I play with hula hoops, and as soon as I see your camera I will stop and pose for a picture!

    Five days after our 2019 American Cancer Society Relay For Life, Blessing was diagnosed with cancer. He passed away on June 18, 2019. Our Veterinarian and our family were with him when he passed.  He was our lead horse and faithfully served with us for 17 years. He would always greet us every morning with a loud nicker when we walked into the barn. It is so quiet now. He was 22 years old. We love and miss you Blessing. 
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My name is Grace and I’m a registered Morgan. I was a broodmare then I went for training before I joined the ministry team. I had foundered many years earlier so some of my activities are limited. I have a BIG heart and I love the children. I teach the children patience, but I’m told I don’t have any! That’s so silly isn’t it?!!  I love attention and I love being groomed!

   We are sad to announce that Grace passed away on October 28, 2018. Our Veterinarian and our family were with her when she passed. She had the most loving eyes and heart. She loved being the center of attention and greeting everyone when they arrived at the farm. We are grateful for the 10 years she was with us.  She was 23 years old.  We love and miss you Grace. 
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My name is Faith and I’m a registered Standard Bred. I was undefeated on the track then I became a broodmare of six! I went for training and then I became blind six months after I joined the ministry team. I may be blind but I’m very calm and gentle. I LOVE the children, their attention, and being groomed!

     During the Coronavirus, Faith was battling gas colic when she went into heart failure. She passed away on April 30, 2020. Our Veterinarian and our family were with her when she passed. She was 29 years old, and completely blind in both eyes for 14 years.  She was an amazing horse, and she taught us all what having faith was all about. We love and miss you Faith. 
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My name is Wisdom, I’m a registered Quarter Horse, a level two dressage horse and I love to be worked. I am very sweet and kind, but I’m also very serious and professional. I love the children and prefer you pet my face and neck only. I enjoy being outside where I can dig holes in the outdoor riding arena and play in the rain water that collects there, splashing in the mud!

    During the Coronavirus Wisdom suddenly became ill. He lost his battle with colic and passed away on November 29, 2020. Our Veterinarian and our family were with him when he passed. He was 23 years old. He was a great-grandson of the Triple Crown Winner Secretariat. He is loved and missed by many. 
Sadly, each of our horses that have passed away were senior horses. They will always be lovingly remembered and will hold a special place in our hearts. 
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Hi! My name is Mercy and we believe I'm a Miniature horse/Shetland pony mix. I’m loveable and adorable! I love the children and all the attention they give me. I love being groomed and having my mane braided. I play ground games with the children while helping them learn to communicate with me.

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PHOTO COMING SOON!   (Visit us on Facebook to see photo's of Hope!)
We would like to introduce you to Hope! Hope is a registered Kentucky Mountain horse and he joined Mercy on our equine team January 4, 2021!  He is super sweet and LOVES to be groomed and loved on!  He can't wait to meet you!! 
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 PHOTO COMING SOON!   (Visit us on Facebook to see photo's of Miracle!)

Miracle joined our equine team on September 5, 2021!  He is a registered American Miniature Horse. He is a therapy/hospice horse and he wears Build-A-Bear tennis shoes! 
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Your horse sponsorship covers daily expenses to care for us which includes hay, feed, dental & veterinary care, vaccinations, medical care, medical supplies/ necessities, the farrier, our bedding expense, and any other urgent care we require.

In addition to the goodness you give when you sponsor a horse, you will receive the following:

 * Recognition on Facebook
 * Recognition on the Website
 * Receive a certificate or plaque with your name or company name, the dates and year of your         sponsorship, and the name of the horse you sponsored**
 *  Receive a Giving Statement for tax purposes
 **The certificate or plaque will be displayed on the horses stall during the duration of the sponsorship, and will be presented to you at our annual celebration hosted in the forthcoming enclosed indoor arena. 

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